"Our bespoke solution is tailored to your needs"

The Anxilla solution for Hotels/Resorts offers personalised and customised Ancillary products that allow the customer to be pampered, surprised and enhance their experience to create memorable moments. This gives the establishment the flexibility of having complete automation of the Ancillary products linked to their road map and future strategy.

We integrate within your Hotel Apps and provide your Guest:

Ease of one touch bookings for Ancillary.

Personalized offerings for Couples/family/Children etc.

Enhance loyalty to Hotel Apps and built strong brand engagement.

Key Highlights:

A fully automated solution with Machine Learning algorithm.

White label solution, adapts perfectly to your brand across multiple countries.

Enhanced reporting which gives full transparency and control.

Solution compatible with the strictest security and privacy measures

Generate incremental high-margin revenue, high-conversion sales for your hotel/resort.