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The Anxilla solution offers all potential Airline Ancillary products, inclusive of preferred seats, premium upgrades, excess baggage, and empty seats, based on the airline stategy with “No Cost” to the Airline. This gives the airlines the flexibility of having complete automation of the Ancillary products linked to their road map and future strategy.


The concept of ancillary revenue encompasses service charges that airlines have been collecting for quite some time, like change fees, refund fees and excess baggage fees. However, the offer has now been extended to include some features that were previously included in the airline fare but are now sold separately for an additional fee. The range of these ancillary products on offer includes, but is not limited to:

  • Baggage fees.
  • Seat selection fees.
  • Meal/refreshment fees.
  • FFP miles fees.
  • Credit card payment fees.

Travel Experience

In order to enhance some passengers‟ travel experience, airlines have started providing for a fee some of the comforts typical of travel in premium classes also to economy class passengers. At the same time, some of the amenities that used to be provided free of charge are now available for purchase:

  • Class upgrade.
  • Increased legroom seats.
  • Lounge access.
  • Dedicated check-in.
  • Dedicated security lanes.


This category includes all the ancillary revenues that are generated by associating the airline name and brand to other product or service providers normally under a revenue-sharing agreement. Here are some examples of these partnerships:

  • Co-branded credit cards.
  • Hotel/Hostels/Villas.
  • Car rental.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Cruise operators.


Advertising as an ancillary product is when an airline SELLS advertising space to a third party company. Advertising as an ancillary revenue strategy is perhaps most prevalent online. Websites effectively sell advertise space to third party companies. This could be a banner ad, a side ad, an affiliate link, a review or any number of ways that a company can be promoted on the website.

Airlines often sell space to advertisers as a means of ancillary revenue in their inflight magazines, In Flight entertainment, seatbacks, Boarding Pass etc.

  • Website advertising.
  • Magazine advertising.
  • IFE advertising.
  • Seatback advertising.
  • Livery/exterior wrap advertising.