. Why Airlines should focus on ancillary?

The impact of the pandemic will be felt by airlines for many years. One revenue driver has suffered in particular: Business travellers are not going to come back fast –and some might even stay away forever as virtual meetings and more restrictive corporate travel policies take over.

. Is there a way for airlines to be more innovative and find ways to replace this lost revenue?

I believe that one possible way is to focus on generating new revenues in the leisure segment. This means going beyond the traditional efforts of trying to sell a business class upgrade to a one-off customer, but rather by selling more air and non-air ancillaries and doing so in a more engaging and relevant way. Already today, many airlines offer car rentals, accommodation and travel insurance on their website. That’s a good start –but they’re only doing a small portion of what they could do.

. How can platforms boost your ancillary business?

In order to increase ancillary revenue streams, airlines need to make it easier for travellers to purchase them at different stages of their trip. In addition, they need to expand their network of partners to offer more relevant ancillaries to travellers. This requires new platforms: They need to bring together a broad portfolio of products and services in one marketplace and go beyond what is being done today and how these are delivered.

. What is Anxilla?

Anxilla is a new age platform for Airlines (both traditional and LCC) where they can boost their ancillary revenue. Airlines get an opportunity to showcase all ancillary items to their customers.

. Is Anxilla expensive for Airlines to adopt?

We at Anxilla believe that technology should be able to generate incremental revenue with the least cost incurred to the airlines. Keeping up to this philosophy we can proudly say that our price-points have always raised eyebrows and quick adoption by airlines.

. What is the implementation period?

We at Anxilla believe “Time is Money”. Living up to this philosophy the Anxilla Ancillary solution will be up and running based on the corporate strategy of the partner airline.


No, Airlines are provided choice on what they want to offer their customers based on their corporate objective and revenue requirements.

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